On a fateful arvo, Solangture team were enjoying their beloved MOMOs and discussing the next venture in Solangture - to promote the beautiful Nepalese Society, Language and Culture.

After a decade in the business, Solangture were itching to bring an event which would put the growing Nepalese community in the multicultural map of Australia. 

This is when creative director Raju Shakya passingly said, "If only we could make Melbourne taste the MO:MO:'s".


And that was it! The solution. 

After months of research and careful planning, Solangture teamed up with the guys at Coburg Velodrome to bring what would be the first M Festival.

M Festival

26 March 2017 - Coburg Velodrome.

The début year saw 14,000+ attendees with 15 food stalls plus serving different varieties of Momo.

The festival was promptly picked up by the The Urban list, Time out and Broadsheet - as it was announced. The festival was lined up by internationally acclaimed Nepalese Instrumental folk band Kutumba, and supported by local band "Big Words" & "Jakubi".

People could not get enough of the momos. 

RAIN, STORM, MOMOs And Madness

23-25 March 2018 - Coburg Velodrome.

The festival rebranded itself from M Fest to Momo Fest.


Momo fest went three days. It rained, it was stormy, it was the best festival yet. 

20,000+ people attended the festival with over 300,000 momos sold.


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